Note: all dates are approximate

Jan 1 Vaccinate heifers with Scourguard-4KC
Feb 15 Begin calving synchronized heifers
Mar 10 Begin calving A-I bred cows.

At birth, all calves are weighed, tattooed, and vaccinated with Ultrabac CD and Inforce 3.

Move pairs to spring pasture as soon as conditions allow.
Mid March Vaccinate heifers with Preg-guard 9 and Anthrax vaccine.
Mid April Vaccinate cows with Preg-guard 9 and Anthrax vaccine.
Late April Test all bulls for breeding soundness.
Mid May Brand calves. Vaccinate with 7-way, Anthrax vaccine, and Bovashield Gold, and administer Dectomax injectable.

Booster cows with Anthrax vaccine and administer Dectormax injectable.
May 25 A-I breed synchronized heifers, move heifers to pastures.

Begin putting bulls out to pasture with cows not synchronized.
June 1 A-I breed synchronized cows.
First week of August Fetal ultrasound heifers, identify sex and establish fetal age.
Aug 20 Take herd bulls away from cows.
Early September Fetal ultrasound cows. Identify sex and establish fetal age. Administer preweaning vaccines including: Inforce 3, 7-way with haemophilus, Bovi-shield BVD, and One Shot.
Late September Wean and weigh calves. Pour calves with Dectomax. Administer Bovi-shield Gold and Somubac for booster vaccinations.
Late November Bangs vaccinate and pregnancy check heifer calves kept for replacements.

Pour cows, replacement heifers and herd bulls with Dectomax, return to pasture until conditions dictate feeding.
Early December Select breeding stock females for private treaty sales to purebred and commercial producers

* Free choice salt and mineral is available to all animals year round.
* We begin feeding cows and herd bulls hay when pasture or weather conditions dictate.
* At the latest, we will begin feeding about December 25.
* Culling is an ongoing process, we note poor doing, bad udders, poor performance, calving problems, bad attitudes, poor feet, late breeders, etc, and sell cull animals at the optimum time of year.
* If you would like discuss our program in more detail, please contact us.
* All handling and vaccinations are given according to Beef Quality Assurance guidelines.
* Pfizer is our primary source for vaccines and animal health products.
* Mandan Vet clinic and New Salem Vet clinic are used as our herd health advisors.